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Mango chili lime Paletas (ice pops)

Hi readers and foodies , yesterday I found a way to use those mangos to make a paletas aka popsicles in Spanish and this was a sprouts daly city locations deal and saw a lot of customers half of population of shoppers Asian American communities went bonkers for mangos and if you freeze these mangos good because I want to take out a baggie out to defrost and you'll need 3 cups of the mangos to puree 1/2 Cup i divide into 6 empty ice pop molds sections on bottom and use chili powder, sugar (use honey if diabetic)lime juice and zest very simple and thanks to sprouts daly city for having this sale this past weekend great way to use up your mango

Mango chili lime paletas

3 cups peeled, pitted  and and diced mango plus 1/2 cup mango for molds
Zest and juice of 1 lime
1 1/2 tsp chili powder
1/3 cup sugar

In food processor combine 3 cups of the mangos,  lime juice and zest, chili powder and sugar cover and process until smooth.
Divide chopped mango onto ice pop molds about a spoonfu…

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