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Sweet pea, garlic and mint dip

Hi foodies, today I made a sweet pea and mint dip for my via west co workers to munch on as a show of appreciation to hard work with special needs and so proud

of working there part time. So as I share this recipe with you please make it at your next cocktail party 
Sweet pea and mint dip  1 cup frozen peas  1 clove of garlic minced  3 tbl fresh mint  Zest and juice of a lemon  1/2 cup olive oil  Salt and pepper to taste  Crackers to serve  Method  Cook peas in water in a saucepan for 5 minutes then drain well and add to blender. Add grated garlic. Mint, lemon juice and zest, salt pepper and a small amount of oil and close lid and blend until smooth. Scape sides in between.  When the blender is running slowly drizzle in oil until smooth and creamy and transfer to a container 

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