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Grilled tuna steaks with howeras mild hot sauce spread

Hi foodies, this past weekend was looking for new ideas for my food blog and contest submissions so I created the a new very easy grilled tuna steaks with howeras mild hot sauce spread, served with my grandmas carrot salad. So howeras is a start up company and they are currently at south san Francisco farmers market on Saturdays for now, they could get into store front. So check them out and you can do a lot of dishes with this product.


Grilled tuna steaks with howeras mild hot sauce spread
1 lb tuna
2 Tbl salt
1 tsp each pepper and cumin
1/4 cup howeras hot sauce spread (mild)
Oil to coat pan
Preheat grill pan over medium high heat in a bowl combine salt, pepper and cumin set aside. Place tuna onto a platter and season both sides with salt mixture on one side and place onto hot grill season side down and season with other side let cook 3-4 per side 8 minutes total. Do not over cook it will get chewy. Allow to rest 2 minutes then slice and arrange onto a platter dollop with…

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