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What's it like being on shelter in place and 2 new pie recipes

Everyone is talking about the conv-19 enough is enough i hear you i been through a lot during on lock down i feel like im on parolee on the presidents orders i miss going to take public transit to the grocery store like grocery outlet, willlams sonoma, sprouts and more. My best friend and fellow food blogger has offered to help me send gifts cards like amazon, walmart to my house and i will need her because we're bffs and my dad just recently retired and i am unemployed and it hurts a lot, as an adult so let me know we all got to get through this and doing a podcast is going to be a new beginning much love and blessings

I have developed 2 pies using pantry items from my house one is ham, caramelzed onion and pea quiche (dairy free ) and leftover spaghetti pie (inspiration from my competition from makeover my leftover blog) so get cooking and i hope you enjoy

Recipe 1# Ham, caramelzed onion and pea quiche
1 disk vegan pie crust  (from yesterday's pot pie)
1 cup silk dai…

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