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Paula Deens cheesy mac (with my love for her new podcast)

Hi foodies it's Ava marie here and I been missing my Paula Deen lately and still get her bi monthly magazines but I been a fan of her podcast what's cookin with Paula Deen on Google podcast. I decided to make one of her popular dishes so I made her cheesy mac its a easy but accessible to put together. So in the news for chef ava marie I am being joined by David canepa at phlitz coffee on Westborough Blvd across the street from Walgreens for a mental health open mic night. I will be one of the speakers for the event so I'll address my autism, anxiety and love for culinary arts. You'll learn more about my journey and my food fame and fortune. I will talk about how to find ways to calm your special needs child down not just with technology  but with career paths like culinary, creative arts,  stand up comedy or ballet just and helping out in a classroom (I almost became an aide, not too late though) back when I was in school I didn't get a degree or high school diplom…

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